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Here's what The Word Factory Team can do:

Content Strategy & Creation
There are more sources of information than ever, so a deliberate plan for where, how and what to communicate is critical to engaging your intended audience. That’s why we’ve developed a strategic content process that identifies the opportunities and outlets that best serve your business goals and most resonate with your audience.

Using this process, we develop a content strategy for an individual project or property, for a particular broker or principal, or for the entire firm. It’s your road map to a faster, more efficient process of creating quality content matched to your operational objectives and your audience’s preferred sources of information.

A strategic approach the best way to ensure the highest and best use of content and valuable staff resources. Here’s how we do it:

In addition to strategy development, our team will work with you to build out various types of content. We can:

  • Develop messaging that cuts through the clutter.
  • Create media, marketing and advertising materials for properties/projects, individual  brokers/principals and entire firms.
  • Craft content such as web copy, white papers, briefs, presentations and other materials.
  • Position or reposition properties and projects to garner more interest.
  • Leverage social media for promotion and reach.

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Media Relations
You want the media’s attention. We know how to get it. We build targeted media lists and craft compelling materials that appeal to reporters and editors in both traditional and social media. Our focus is on a small set of high-value outlets so your message gets to the people you most want to reach. We also help you develop internal capacity for responding to media inquiries, build an online press room and prepare your press materials. Our process looks like this:

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Team & Talent Development
A key to attracting and keeping great employees is professional development. We work with your team members to build existing skills or prepare them to take on new duties in writing, making presentations, working with the media and public speaking.

This helps you:

  • Enhance retention and recruitment with an innovative professional development offering.
  • Identify and develop talent to build internal capacity and speed advancement.
  • Create a company-wide quality standard for writing and other forms of communication.

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