Took the weekend off from the computer to calm my repetitive strain injury. Seems to have worked. Which is good, because we've got a lot on our plates this week:

Steve and I are working on the last two modules for the Kauffman/FastTrac project. The end is near!

Steve's working on his National Journal post.

I'm finishing up our content project for, continuing my research on the Stimulus plan and architecture, and writing my Biz Beat column for the Carrboro Citizen.

Carolyn (who went to the race yesterday!) and I continue to plug away at the Manchester, NH, spotlight for Architect.

Claire and I finished the Friends of the Library ad campaign. Now Claire and her family begin their move to Florida. She'll still be with us, thankfully, once they get settled.

I'm pushing hard early this week because I'll be heading to the Bay Area on Thursday for a mix of business and pleasure. I'll catch the Sloan show at Slim's and a spa day at Indian Springs in between working on Friday and Sunday with one of our Mod reviewers.