Hamming it up with a guy in a gorilla suit is an easy way to get noticed. But there are probably more effective ways of getting attention.

Getting noticed in a world aswirl with media channels and other sensory inputs can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. But the fact is, more media means more targeted media. So it's easier to locate the people you want to reach than ever before. A mix of traditional, social and mobile media can help you "speak" to the people who want -- or need -- to hear your message.

People often ask me what the best channel is for sharing their ideas. I know they want me to say Twitter. Or Facebook. Or blast emails. But the real answer is "the channel or channels where your audience already is". Which, of course, means you have do a little work. But the reward will be worth it.

What seems like the easy answer (i.e., "use this one channel) is often the solution that gets the least results, meaning harder work for you. Change your idea of an "easy" answer. Start thinking that "easy" answers are the ones that make it easiest for you to be successful.