Good Monday mornin' to you! Steve and I are in Kansas City, Mo., to present our social media workshop at the Kauffman Foundation's Global Entrepreneurship Week. We're stoked, even though it's 39 degrees and raining! Adela tells us that back at the office, it's an unseasonable 70 degrees!

Here's what else we're working on this week:

Carolyn and I are completing our marketing channel analysis for the Kauffman Foundation.

Steve's doing the final copy edit on his monthly article for the Carrboro Citizen, and drafting up his weekly National Journal post.

I'm starting work on a promotional package for a set of educational symposia sponsored by a large biotech firm. The materials include a review of 2009 activities, a news release announcing 2010 events, quotes from leaders in the field and a few other elements.

I'm also starting to interviewing folks for a story on getting by with a skeleton crew at the office for, and TV news camera operators for a set of vignettes that will be published in the ICG magazine.

Steve's also working on a software documentation project for a returning client. Love those 'same-store sales'.

Here's to a great week, everybody!