looking far and wide for blog topics at kailua, hawai'i

Looking hither and yon for blog topics. Photo by Dave Pascua

Looking for blog topic ideas? Here's an easy way to generate ideas that are guaranteed to be relevant to your customers/clients and prospects:

Answer their most common questions, objections and problems.

How to generate blog topics:

  1. Gather a small group of people who have lots of direct customer contact. Sales and CRM are natural choices. There may be others.
  2. Ask them to share the questions and objections they get the most.
  3. Ask them to share the problems they're told about the most.
  4. Write all that down.
  5. Sort them based on a couple of factors: value to customer and ease of answering.
  6. Put the topics that score high on both at the top of the to-do list. Assign necessary research, etc., to get other topics underway, again based on value to customer and ease of answering.