Who decides what marketing content gets used by your organization? If you're a small shop, this is probably an easy answer: you! Bigger shops, as shown in the chart below, seem to leave it up to the marketing leaders. (Click image for larger view)

The Adobe® Digital Marketing Optimization Survey Results Report, from which the chart comes, shows the marketing execs have the lion's share of responsibility for choosing what marketing content goes where. And i'm not necessarily saying that's wrong. But if you want to be truly effective at posting marketing content and brand journalism that resonates with the audience and drives operational results, you need a more integrated approach.

Break down the silos and get everyone of the positions represented in the chart involved in choosing content distribution channels, at least at the beginning. We gather these folks, along with CSR and sales people -- those closest to the customers -- to brainstorm the best places to put content. We created a 4-step process for directing the brainstorming. Here's one we did for a client (click image for larger view):

Involving more people in the selection of channels -- and what to put in those channels can create a bottleneck, but choosing the right people and using this process actually saves time. How? By reducing the number of miscues, missed opportunities and mulligans. Give it a try.