Why would anyone care about my opinion?

That's the question I get at least once every time I give our Power of Your Ideas class.

My real answer is, "Why wouldn't they?" But that's not usually enough to make the asker feel better. So here are three reasons:

  1. You're part of the family, the neighborhood, the community, the state, the region, the country, the world. And if you're passionate about something, I promise you there are others who are at the very least as passionate as you are, or at least interested in it. We all like to feel like we belong, so knowing there are others who care about the things we do makes us "care".
  2. Sharing your ideas also makes it easier to connect the dots, to build a network or a team that we can work together on the cause. There's power in numbers and it's easier for people to find you if you're putting your opinions out there for the world to see.
  3. Or it might just be a straightforward as this: your idea might help someone. Maybe you provide tips or information that they need. Maybe you offer solace.

That's the power of your ideas!


Happy Spring! (photo by M.C. Lester)