Interesting article out on Friday sheds a little more light on the folks (like me) who use Twitter. Hubpsot published its State of the Twittersphere from HubSpot, including data taken from its Twitter Grader tool.

Key findings:

• 70 percent of Twitter users joined in 2008 (the app was launched in 2006).
• 20 percent of Twitter users have joined in the past 60 days; the average user has been on 275 days.
• 5 percent of all Twitter users have more than 250 followers. Tweeple with fewer than 5 followers and those with 11-25 followers represent just under half of all users.

I’m proud to say I’m among that 5 percent with more than 250 followers. I’ve taken a very strategic approach to Twitter that’s clearly paying off: I provide relevant content, not just self-promotional information. Having a purpose for tweeting, or using any social media, for business is the key to getting any kind of return on the time investment.

We’ve been working with a couple of clients who’re sticking their toes into the social media waters. To help them figure out how and why to use social channels effectively, we’re focusing on the results they’d like to achieve. That seems obvious, but the rush to social media has many business people slapping stuff up there and hoping it sticks. We take a more deliberate, thoughtful approach. You can see an example of two strategies we use to do this on pages 13-18 of the social media packet we created for our work in Detroit.

If you’re interesting in creating a social media strategy, drop me a line.