Happy to be back at the home office after a week at our Seattle outpost. It was a productive trip. We got a new phone system and may have cracked the code on the HVAC issues, too. More importantly, though, we got some fantastic interviews in for the Kauffman/FastTrac project. While we were gone, Adela held down the fort with her usual aplomb. We have such a great team!

Now that we're back, we're facing a full load of projects. Here's what our group is up to this chilly week:

● The K/FT project continues to require most of the team's time. Carolyn and I are still interviewing subject-matter experts and successful entrepreneurs. I'll start to pull the modules together this week. Steve's busy with the online segments -- particularly the companion exercises for each mod.

● Claire's wrapping up research for the spotlight on Jackson, MS, for Architect Magazine. She'll also start another research project for Multifamily Executive.

● Steve files the latest installment of his Educaiton Matters series to the Carrboro Citizen today.

● I've got a Monster.com story due this week on anti-gossip policies, and a profile for the Kenan-Flagler Business School's alumni magazine.

Better get to gettin'!