Just wrapped my advice columns for Match.com/MSN.com's dating channel. One of the more fun gigs of mine, I must admit.

People often ask how I got to be an advice columnist. Truthfully, it was a circuitous route, but it does trace back to a guy who lived in my dorm at Carolina. I knew Tim peripherally from dorm events and running into each other in the mail- or laundry rooms.So  I never would have guessed that almost 20 years later we'd meet again at a party in Hollywood's famed Laurel Canyon -- much less that the chance encounter would lead to an eight-year gig with Match.com.

And all I remember saying was, "I'm freelancing these days, so if you've got any work, I'm game" or something like that.

You just never know who's going to be able to help you advance your career, land a new client or generally improve your station in life. So it pays to put what you want out there, see what you can do in return and let the universe sort it out.

With that in mind, we're ready to take on a new client or project. Do let us know if you need some help with custom content, writing workshops, pr counsel or outplacement services.

For now, I'm heading back to the factory floor.