With only a few days left in the year, I'm thinking about my 3 words for 2012. The 2011 exercise produced good results, which you can read about here, so I'm committed to continuing the project into 2012. I want three new words but one word, integrate, seems hard to shake.

Three words for 2012

At the moment, here are my contenders:

  • Partner: Team up with other vendors to develop new lines of business and take advantage of bigger opportunities.
  • Meet: Network more widely and effectively to find people to connect with or connect to others.
  • Leverage: Use volunteer opportunities to field test or adapt business ideas.
  • Build: Create two new presentations for speaking engagements and explore potential ebook projects.
  • Optimize: Improve productivity and effectiveness, especially around biz dev and "same-store sales".
  • Deliver: Continue Big Project Fridays to ensure completion of big-ass projects.
  • Create: Tap back into fun non-work projects to work to spark creativity.

Getting there

My goal for this week is to pare this down to just the three. Just writing these down here has helped me see some opportunities to combine big ideas into a bigger category. Once I decide on the big three, I'll come up with some specific tasks for eachso I can gauge my progress over the year.

I continue to be surprised how helpful this exercise has been. I encourage you to give it a try yourself in 2012.

You can follow my experience from 2011, complete with tips for you, by checking out this bundle of posts.