There was definitely a throughline in the Q3 blog leader board: quality writing. The posts getting the most clicks and the most comments on social all relate to writing. Let's take a look:

Level Up: How to be a better writer

My checklist outlining some tips for leveling up your writing quality. That's not really a huge surprise since scaling quality and consistency continues to be a challenge for content creators. Download your own copy: 12 ways to boost writing quality fast.

The Great Debate: When to use a comma

I often joke that one of the most polarizing topics among writers and editors is the lowly comma, and the social engagement on our most-read post last quarter bears that out. In case you missed it, here's the friendly debate Pete Andersen and I had about this little mark that spurs big emotions: Do I need a comma here?

Style Guide: How to identify the passive voice

Another post that got a lot of engagement was Pete's explanation of passive voice. This is another topic that gets a lot of attention in the writers' room. If you're not sure what the passive voice is, don't feel bad, just read the story (our second-most-read post of the quarter): What the heck is the passive voice?

COVID-19: How to be a vaccine influencer

And although it wasn't about better writing, I thought I'd re-surface our post on being a vaccine influencer, which also got a lot of traction. It's based on research from the Kaiser Family Foundation into the levers that influence health behaviors. As we slide into the cooler months, we need to encourage folks to get inoculated against COVID (whether first, second or booster shots) and the annual flu. We developed a set of images like this one to show the benefits we were enjoying from being vaccinated. Read How to be a vaccine influencer.

As ever, we thank you for reading. If you've got an idea for something you'd like us to cover, email me and I'll see what we can do!

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