Seattle was a blast, but, honey, we are glad to be back in the Old North State! We were up at 5A PT yesterday and got back to the casa at 6P ET. Long day, to be sure.

This morning, we're off to Guilford College to talk to a class about developing characters. It's a course on Southern Culture taught by our great friend, Alvis Dunn. We're going to talk to the students, who have to profile a Southerner, about how to do more than present a litany of facts about their chosen subject. We'll use the Five Facts of Fiction, a strategy Steve developed, which really helps capture the critical elements of a character -- whether a fictional one or a real person. I find it's also a great framework for writing personality profiles. Another versatile tool!

Granny_1915As part of the presentation, I'll deliver a talk about my grandmother, Memory Lee Aldridge Lester, a true Southern Belle in her own right. That's her, circa 1915. Should be totally fun!

Then it's back to the office to wade through the flotsam and jetsam that's accumulated while we've been gone. Big ups to Adela for keeping everything in check during our absence!