Updated September 2023

We all have good ideas, but sometimes it's hard to convey them in a way that delivers real punch and creates serious impact. Here are three go-to writing strategies to help you harness the power and get the results you want.

3 strategies to help you write with more impact

Writing Tool #1: The People-Information-Goals Strategy

My favorite tool for capturing the vital elements of a piece of persuasive, thought-leadership or opinion piece. Download the easy-to-use People-Information-Goals playbook with examples or flip through the slide deck.

Writing Tool #2: The Position-Rationale-Proof Strategy

The PRP is most helpful for making sure you've sufficient support for your ideas before you start writing. Download the step-by-step Position-Rationale-Proof playbook.

Writing Tool #3: The Draw-Label-Caption Strategy

Developed for young writers, this strategy is just as useful for adults having trouble making abstract concepts more concrete. Learn more about using the Draw-Label-Caption strategy.

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