I do a lot of workshops on writing for advocacy, so I feel like it's important that I also actually, you know, write for advocacy purposes. So here you are. I was asked to pen an op-ed piece for the local paper about the importance of high-speed internet in light of the fact that Google is considering our area for its fiber initiative. Here 'tis, from the paper where I got my start:


We should welcome Google’s High-Speed Broadband

By Margot Carmichael Lester

April 11, 2014

I’m not revealing any state secrets when I say that our future success as a region depends on fast and affordable Internet access.

We’re doing pretty well on the first part. Most of us have fast-enough Internet right now, but demand for bandwidth is increasing rapidly, and performance issues are already appearing. We’re doing pretty poorly on the affordable part, though.

Even with the bundling deals, most of us still pay too much. And did you see the recent headlines about providers charging more for certain kinds of content like movies? Finally there’s the ugly truth that even here in the awesome Triangle, there are people who can’t access the web either because it’s too pricey or it doesn’t reach them. So we need more, better and cheaper.

That’s why fast, reliable and affordable access to high-speed broadband is important for the Triangle. Click here to continue reading.