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Updated December 2023

Last week was devastating and daunting, hard and horrible. Many of us want to speak up and speak out, but may not feel confident about doing so. It's hard to write when you're filled with so much emotion. The best way I know to do it is to rely on a strategy that scaffolds my thinking so I can channel all those feelings into clear concepts. Here's the tool I use: The People-Information-Goals Strategy®.

Capture the power of your ideas

Putting your feelings down on paper so you can effectively advocate or inform is easier with this planning tool that captures your thoughts in an organized framework and helps you approach your topic in a voice and with ideas that resonate with your intended audience. It's the best tool I have for creating persuasive writing that those not yet with me can consume and consider. I encourage you to give it a try.

Download my advocacy writing playbook.

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