chairman's awardAs we roll toward year-end, many of us are busy writing awards citations. And by many of us, I mean at least me. By the end of the month, I'll have penned almost two dozen of these for various community organizations. It's an honor to get to write about outstanding people, but there are challenges. One of the main ones is word choice. When you're writing a dozen citations to be read at the same event, it's important to make them sound sufficiently different.

Here's a handy list of words you can refer to so you don't say the same thing all the time:

  • accolade, award, honor, recognition, laurel, distinction, reward
  • bestow, award, honor with, name, reward
  • outstanding, laudable, notable, note-worthy, unmatched, singular, worthy, commendable, laudable, vaunted
  • acumen, savvy, wisdom, expertise, savoir-faire
  • community, neighborhood, area, denizens, citizens, residents
  • business, venture, endeavor, enterprise, company, organization, establishment

Hope this helps!