The Gift of a Good Word

It's the season of giving, so why not pay it forward a little by writing a good online review or recommendation for a deserving colleague or business? And what with all the vitriol sucking the oxygen out of the holidays, putting something positive and constructive out there is a small way to beat back the cold pricklies.  [Need something more tangible? Get co-worker gift ideas here.*]

Thinking more pragmatically? Ok. I get it. Here's the thing: good deeds are often returned. So writing sincere, authentic recommendations and reviews might get you the same back. Who doesn't need more validation?

I know we're all busy with year-end work and social obligations, but this simple act doesn't take much time and it makes a difference to the recipient. Carve out a few minutes to knock one out every work day between now and the end of the year and you could have a measurable positive impact on your network.

Make the task even easier with this useful little strategy for sketching out the most important stuff you want to say. And here's a time-saving strategy for writing those pesky year-end reports (and a bonus tip). You'll shave off enough minutes to write a rec or review, and have another egg nog.

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* This article is part of the holiday content package we created for Staples, which is also the source of the image.