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It's easy to sit around brainstorming selling points to include in sales emails and other content. And if you've been in business a long time, you might even be hitting the right stuff. Or at least most of it.

But what do your repeat customers say about you?

For us, that's where we've found the "magic beans" of sales messaging. Whether it's same-store sales (when a client refers us to someone else in their company) or when a client takes us along to a new company, we listen closely to how they sell us to their peers and higher-ups. Why? Because that's direct insight into what we're doing right, and often what our competitors are getting wrong.

Our clients are always happy to share valuable information on:

  1. Who they've been working with (helps form overall competitive landscape and identifies/confirms direct competitors)
  2. What they needed/wanted but weren't getting in terms of deliverables (establishes the bar for our work with them)
  3. What service frustrations they had (helps us avoid them

This information alone is really valuable, but we get even more insights about our own strengths and high-value capabilities, so we can do more that.

So before your next messaging session, talk to your customers. Weaving their insights into other perspectives gives you a stronger set of sales messages to work with.