Everyone needs a toolbox of tricks to beat writer's block because pretty much all of us are writers of one sort or another these days. If you've ever had trouble starting a thank-you note, you're a writer and you know what I mean.

I picked up a new tip a few weeks ago during a webinar with the multi-talented Beth Lapides. I first met Beth last century (!) in Los Angeles and have been a fan ever since. So when she offered a session on habits of highly creative people, I was quick to register. One of my favorite takeaways was her tip for getting unstuck: looking through a crystal to literally change your perspective.

The idea is that looking through the crystal literally gives you a different view on the world. Maybe it will spark a new approach to the project. Maybe it will take you away from the block so the ideas can flow. Maybe you'll remember there are many ways to approach a task. Maybe you'll just stop beating yourself up. Whatever happens, looking through the glass breaks the interrupts the cycle of negativity. That's always a good thing.

Writing tools: talismans and tricks

When I was clearing out my Mom's place after she passed, I wasn't sad to say goodbye to the chandelier that hand hung in our family home my entire life. It wasn't my style, but it was something my parents adored. I snatched one of the replacement danglers (who whatever they're called) from a stash in the sideboard and took it home. It's been sitting on my dresser for years, a sweet connection to my folks. Then Beth suggested keeping a crystal on your desk and I knew the piece would get a new home.

Writing tip: Change the lens through which you view the world
The crystal now hangs in the window in front of my desk. It works with the shades up or down.

You may think little talismans and tricks are too frivolous to have an impact. I invite you to try it anyway. With everything swirling around our lives right now, a little frivolity can't hurt.

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