Great article from Ragan's PR Daily earlier this week on 20 phrases you can replace with one word. It also has some cute graphics, so be sure to actually read it and not just gloss over the link!

It's easy to suffer from wordiness. After all, it's a skill most of use honed to perfection in school when struggling to meet those arbitrary word counts we got for class papers!

In addition to the good advice from the folks at Ragan, there are other ways to reduce word count without compromising the meaning or weightiness of your ideas. These are three of our posts that showcase easy-to-use tactics for revising your work to be tighter, crisper, punchier, shorter -- whatever adjective you need:

  1. Cutting word count without killing meaning using side-by-side revision
  2. 3 strategies for giving your content punch with fewer words and simpler sentences
  3. Using the Highlight Revision to cut the bulk

Give 'em a try!