We're all spending more time on Zoom calls, classes and webinars these days -- and that's something we don't expect to change much for the foreseeable future. So our creative director, Marc Borzelleca, created some branded Zoom backgrounds for us to use. I'm especially psyched since I'll be leading an online advocacy workshop next month and these backdrops are a lot better than my home office!

We only had one hitch: Our brand color is green, which is not your friend when it comes to virtual images. Hence the term, green screen. So Marc created a complementary palette. He was also careful to produce a background that wasn't too jarring or distracting. (I've already used the ones on the top row and the middle right with positive responses from those on the viewing side.)

An array of custom Zoom virtual backgrounds for Margot Lester designed by Marc Borzelleca
Branded Zoom virtual backgrounds designed by Marc Borzelleca

Here are some Marc created for a physician with the local health system:

Want your own set of custom backgrounds? Marc will create a set of 6 using the logo, images and colors of your choice -- or you can give him creative license to create a more abstract background (he's an accomplished fine artist!). Get in touch with Marc to discuss your project and pricing.

Be well.

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