I've had this list taped to my desk lamp all year.

In January, I followed Chris Brogan's lead and came up with three words that would guide me and my business in 2011. We're barreling to the end of the second quarter, so it seems like a good time to check in.

1. Integrate -- Leverage the connectedness of projects and ideas.

This has been going pretty well. I chose a couple of pro-bono projects that would enable me to serve the community and put some new ideas into practice. I mentored a college student, Faith, which helped me figure out some things about a college book I want to write. Another big one was doing my first webinar, which meant I had to get off my butt and quantify my approach to content strategy. Plus, I'm no-tech when it comes to presenting, so this forced me to study up on webinars, revisit my commercial design training and learn Keynote (which rules, btw). It also was a good business development activity. And it turned into a great networking opportunity, because in the process of learning more about webinars, I met some really cool people like Shelley Ryan.

Why should you care? Integrating the aspects of your work creates efficiencies that enable you to do more and be more effective. It also can have unforeseen benefits, like meeting important new people or learning some new skills.

2. Connect -- Work my network more efficiently.

This also is going well. I've been reaching out to people I've lost contact with and reaching out to people I'd like to work with. Now I'm helping my friend Ingrid work on her global green energy summit in Beijing, and have reconnected with folks from my political past. I'm also engaging my network in commercial real estate sales and development to help my brother-in-law navigate a career change.

Why should you care? Chances are your network is full of people who can help you achieve your goals or provide you with opportunities for meaningful work. But great opportunities don't always drop in your lap, so it makes sense to reach out to the people in your network and find ways to (re)engage.

3. Finish -- Complete four key long-term projects.

While two out of three ain't bad, as Meatloaf often croons, it's not what I want. I think I've managed a couple of "Big Project Fridays" so far.  The content project has progressed (thanks to "integration"), but needs more attention. The story-telling product took an unexpected turn and I sort-of stalled out. I plan to restart that by scheduling a class on it for June, thus giving me a "hard out" by which it must be done. The books. Oh, the books. The term "dead in the water" comes to mind. After I finish this post, I'm contacting two college profs I know to help me get the college  writing book back on track. I'm just going to table the corporate book for the time-being.

Why should you care? We're all living busy lives full of competing priorities. But getting the results we want requires both attention to tasks and attention to the big picture. You, like me, may not be able to give over a full day a week to large, vision-y projects. But what about starting with an hour or two? Give yourself some room to think big and see what happens.

How's your first half of the year going? Still holding to your New Year's resolutions or other big plans? Now's a great time to review and re-engage before we hit the midpoint of the year!